Quick Light Charcoal (1 pack) Hamil Al Musk
Quick Light Charcoal (1 pack) Hamil Al Musk
Quick Light Charcoal (1 pack) Hamil Al Musk
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Quick Light Charcoal (1 pack) Hamil Al Musk

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The Hamil Al Musk is a quick light charcoal that can be used for burning incense and dried herbs. Each pack contains 10 disc-shaped tablets, and once lit, each is capable of burning 40-60 minutes. Just sprinkle over resin/rosin powder or grains. Can also be used to light up charcoal barbecue grills faster. These charcoal discs will leave ash and crumble upon burning.

Directions for use:

  1. Handle a disc with tweezers or tongs. You can also set it over a fireproof surface, whichever is easier.
  2. Hold over an open flame like a match, lighter or candle. It will catch fire in less than 30 seconds. You know its lit when you see some sparkles crawling over the charcoal from the contact point with fire. This will light up the whole piece so be sure not to pick this up with bare hands after this step.
  3. Blow the disc until it glows orange and you can feel the heat.
  4. Set on a heat resistant surface like sand, metal censer or similar containers. Sprinkle your aromatic powders and enjoy the smoke.
  5. Don't leave unattended. May cause fires or accidents.

 Check out this video how to use the Quick Light Charcoal with Vetiver Root Powder:

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